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10 tips for camping with kids

Two babies in pyjamas and wearable sleeping bag camping

In my time, I have taken three different babies camping to festivals, to well-equipped campsites and bare fields, and I took them by planes, trains and automobiles. And buses. Here’s how

Seven Things Every Camper Should Own

I contributed to The Guardian’s G2 camping trip with a brief list of essential camping gear. The Guardian writers camped not far from where I live, at Wowo, which Cath and I visited earlier in the year. I provided a list of seven items, one of which was salad, inspired by Cath’s five-a-day barbecue to…

How to cook pancakes on a campfire

Pancakes cooked on a muurikka over the campfire

I cooked a big batch of small, fat American-style pancakes for breakfast in the woods. I used a muurikka, a large skillet on legs that sits over a hot campfire. The muurikka was new so it required seasoning with a hunk of pork fat. It is a large pan, so I could cook nearly all…

Tent reviews

We went for a stroll around a camping fair held in a field at the back of Middle Farm, near Lewes. Dozens of tents were pitched for the inspection of prospective buyers, from the Vango Dart 200 – a pop-up festival tent – to the enormous Wolf Lake 7, a grand’s worth of polycotton aircraft…

Beach Barbeque

Math recently acquired a portable barbeque, the Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere Grill. It has a pleasingly vintage shape, and is solidly constructed. We spent an afternoon at Homebase checking out the other portable barbecues, all of which felt rather neurotic and liable to fall apart in a complete collapse of nerve. The Weber has a vented…

Camping light

Cath and I used to go camping without a car. The absolute minimum gear while still packing a kid. I wrote this for The Guardian on the subject. Now I can drive. But I’ll never forget heaving all that kit around the public transport system.