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10 tips for camping with kids

Two babies in pyjamas and wearable sleeping bag camping

In my time, I have taken three different babies camping to festivals, to well-equipped campsites and bare fields, and I took them by planes, trains and automobiles. And buses. Here’s how

Seven Things Every Camper Should Own

I contributed to The Guardian’s G2 camping trip with a brief list of essential camping gear. The Guardian writers camped not far from where I live, at Wowo, which Cath and I visited earlier in the year. I provided a list of seven items, one of which was salad, inspired by Cath’s five-a-day barbecue to…

Secret campsites – Dernwood Farm

Our second visit to Dernwood Farm in the heart of the Sussex Weald offered a completely different perspective to this wild campsite from our first; at the Lovewood festival we pitched beneath a pylon at the wrong end of the field. On our return, we pitched at the entrance of a glade, a patch of…