The Art of Camping reviewed in The Independent and Telegraph

There was a fascinating review of my book published in The Independent and written by Ken Wolpole. I like the sound of the Flysheet movement he mentions and will investigate further.

“The author does for camping what the late Roger Deakin did for wild swimming, infecting the reader with his enthusiasm, while chastening us with stories of the darker aspects of the back-to-nature movement. The lightweight tent can be the naturalist’s best friend, but it has also provided a refuge for the survivalist with the Book of Revelations and an automatic gun. De Abaitua is not afraid to discuss the concentration camp and the labour camp alongside the holiday camp – and sometimes worry about connections between them all. His enthusiastic tone is enlivened by a self-deprecating wit: there is no better account of the rain-soaked family camping holiday than here.”

The Telegraph also published another review, this time written by Toby Clements.

“De Abaitua goes on to give all sorts of tips on campsite etiquette, lore, equipment and best practice, and his advice is convincing and honest. He is a lovely writer and his history is enlivened with tremendous flashes of wit. What is lovely, too, is his ambiguity about his passion. He doesn’t want to persuade anyone to take up camping, and with good pitches so few and far between, hurrah for that.”

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