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If your campsite allows campfires, then the fire is the heart of your camping cookware. All you need is a grill, propped up with some bricks or hung on a chain from a tripod. A campfire is also a ravenous bin, burning up food waste and cardboard packaging.
camping cookware with camping kettle

Trangia, grill and campfire, small gas stove and camping kettle

If you are camping at a festival, don’t bother with cooking your own food. There is nowhere to wash up and you will miss all the fun while you are frying bacon.
I always prepare two “just pitched” meals and some breakfast rolls: after pitching the tent, sorting out the bedrooms and lighting the fire, I don’t want to do a big shop or cook, I want to crack open a beer, warm something on a campfire and watch the children leap about.
We have ditched the barbecue but kept the grill, propping it up with bricks or stones, and using it to cook over the campfire.
The methylated spirit stove (Trangia) packs down small and comes with saucepans, a frying pan and a tiny kettle. But it can only cook one thing at a time. A two ring propane stove lets you extend your culinary options, but will take up more space.
Crockery and cutlery
Because you can’t always use your fingers. And pack a wooden spoon or two for stirring, a nylon sieve, and a fish slice. And tongs, for turning hot meat.
A whistling kettle with a handle that folds flat.
Corkscrew and can opener
Not just the old rusty ones in the kitchen drawer but ones that actually work.
Wooden or metal ones for kebabs.
Meat thermometer
If I’m cooking a joint of meat or a bird over a campfire, I like it perfectly done, and because you are not using a domestic oven, with its reliable temperature, a thermometer spares the campfire cook all that uncertain prodding and poking.
Camping cookware

Using the grill, the tin foil, with lock-and-lock containers and mixing bowl

Paring knife
Look for a very sharp paring knife with a protective cover. A bread knife, wrapped in a tea towel to protect the serrated blade,  is also required; if someone could invent a camping bread knife with a cover, I’d be very grateful.

Plates, bowls, melamine mugs and a chopping board
We experimented with folding plastic mugs and plates, which I was adept at assembling but which completely defeated Math. I replaced them with melamine equivalents that should last us until the end of time.

Potato peeler and vegetable brush
For scrubbing and peeling spuds. I have an abrasive glove that I use to clean my spuds.
Opinel knife
A sharp knife is always useful. A sharp knife that folds back into its handle is essential. Hence the design classic that is the French Opinel knife. Used for cutting vegetables, whittling kindling, removing things from bike chains, opening packets etc
Serving and mixing bowl
You can eat salad while camping, it is allowed.
Lock-and-lock containers
Any sealable plastic containers are useful for storing leftovers.
Tin foil
To cook a large joint of meat on the campfire, you will have to wrap it in tinfoil once it has been browned.

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  2 comments for “Camping gear – Camping cookware

  1. Sophie
    July 25, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    I’ve had the knife dilemma too, and found a really good solution… the Kuhn Rikon range, which has a serrated sandwich knife –

    Any of the knives in this range come with a sturdy plastic sheath-holster-type thing, and they’re brightly coloured, so you if you drop them in leaf litter and you don’t then tread on them.

    Also highly recommend the muji little clear stacking screw-top pots for carrying reasonable amounts of salt, pepper, herbs etc –

  2. August 7, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    Just having returned from camping in the north coast of Ireland I was glad of my Pampered Chef serrated bread knife. It comes with a protective cover which you can put in the dishwasher. While I brought this one for many uses like crusty bread, cutting sausages, slicing baps(not all at the same time) there are different sized ones for each individual. This one I have listed below does come with a lifetime guarantee and probably my favourite for taking camping or the santoku one.Enjoy
    The colour coated knives come with protective covers and different sizes from paring to chef size to santoku.
    The self honing knives come with covers and also can be used to allign the blades.

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