Corned beef hash

Serves 4

I remember eating this on the shores of Anglesey with my Dad, aunt and uncle. My auntie made it beforehand and reheated it on the two-ring burner Calor Gaz stove. You could easily make it from scratch or it would make the perfect ‘just pitched’ meal to take along and reheat. My local butcher Martin of Boathouse Organics corns his own beef, which I prefer to the tinned stuff. You can serve this with green beans or peas and brown sauce or as it is below with just the fried egg on top.

400g potatoes (King Edwards or Maris Piper are best), peeled and diced
1 onion, sliced
400g corned beef, from the butcher or a 340g tin , and shred the beef with a fork
Oil for frying
1 litre beef stock, fresh, either from the supermarket fridge, or made with a beef stock cube
Finely chopped chives and parsley
Salt and pepper
Splash of Worcestershire sauce
Brown sauce for serving (optional)
4 eggs

Two-ring stove
Chopping board
Sharp knife
A large saucepan
A frying pan

Put potatoes in the sauce pan, just cover with stock and cook without a lid. What you want is cooked potatoes, not burnt or browned, and hardly any liquid. Once the potatoes are nearly cooked then heat a tablespoon of oil and fry the onions and the beef in the frying pan. You want the beef to be warmed through. Roughly mash the potatoes with a fork, add the onion and beef and season with salt pepper and Worcestershire sauce. Add the herbs.
Once the whole hash is hot through, heat the oil in your frying pan and fry the eggs. Serve on top of your hash with brown sauce if you like.

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